Our Goal

Miss Dee has a goal to achieve with its Social responsibility duty which is to make sure the less privileged with an ailment or not in Nigeria are happy and have a chance to be happy and live a normal life. This event is geared towards helping those with sickle cell and to create more awareness of this ailment and also of cervical cancer.

Our ultimate goal is to build a sickle cell center where adequate care and attention will be paid to people with this ailment, where free drugs will be administered to those who cannot afford the drugs. We want to let people with sickle cell anaemia know that being a sickler isn’t the end of the world, that they can be happy, have fun, do things they love to do but to a limit, that with the right medication they can live, love and succeed in life. Also to put a smile on their faces would be worth the heart beat. 

We appeal to you all to endeavour to do a blood test, know your genotype, know you partners genotype before you enter into a marriage of misery, and also donate what you can monthly, quarterly or yearly to help those living with this ailment live a healthy and happy life.