Essay Competitions

Missdee4sicklecellfoundation presents face of sicklecell 2016. Inviting sickle cell patients to write an essay on life as a sickler and the prospects they have for the future. Essay theme: "Sicklecell shall not be a drawback to my destiny".

Essay should explain your life as a sickle cell patient, the pains you have gone through, educate people about what it really is to be a patient and how to manage the ailment, the advantages and disadvantages it has in your life and how you intend to over come it, your future ambition and a word of encouragement and hope for fellow sicklers out there.

Most inspiring essay wins cash price of N100,000 and be on our awareness billboard and materials. Missdee foundation is also giving out hospital and pharmacy vouchers on world sickle cell day to the second and third best essays with the highest votes.

Please applicants should add a picture. Deadline for submission is on the 17th of June 2016. Good luck. Submit essays HERE or to Also visit site for stories written by others @