Talent Show 4  Fundraise

MissDee4sicklecell foundation is an NGO set up to cater for people living with sickle cell anaemia and also create awareness of the disease.

For the past two years Missdee has held fundraiser events some of which include the fashion for life fashion show (2011), Sickle cell aid foundation inaugural ball (SCAF) in 2010, bake sales etc.Funds raised have been used to supply drugs for people with sickle cell through our help line and also pay hospital bills for sickle cell people that ca't afford it.

This time however, we have a spectacular case at hand. We have a young man aged 30 by the name Tochukwu Egungwu that has a peculiar case. His skin is decaying as a result of dead veins caused by wrong administration of a drug called pentazocine. His family have exhausted all they have on surgeries and now he needs another surgery to graft the damaged part of his arms and stitch the skin back, then a vascular surgery on his left leg as he has DVT (deep vein thrombosis). This surgery will cost him 25,000 US Dollars.

As a result he has been referred to us at missdee4sicklecell foundation and as a team which we are.... that's you and me we will again try to help Tochukwu stop the pain by raising as much funds as we can.
We will be @ DMP ON THE 3RD OF March to give more info and collect funds for him. On the 4th of march we will be having a talent fundraising show for him @Grotto club Abuja with artists like jesse jags, praiz, iyanya , kris'D in attendance so you can come and also donate. Tochukwu will be in attendance too.